Mubakkir™ is a suite of individually administered tests designed to help schools and teachers determine how early readers are performing on critical pre-literacy and early literacy skills.  Mubakkir gives teachers a powerful and easy-to-use tool for acquiring student data to inform effective instruction and intervention. The test is given one-to-one, and uses a mobile app and printed reading sheets. Students read aloud while the teacher uses an iPad to monitor and record performance. Mubakkir is designed for both native and non-native Arabic language learners of any age, beginning through intermediate levels.

How Does it Work?

Mubakkir consists of a Student Reading Kit, a Mobile Application for teachers, and a Reporting Website.

Reports are available for individuals, classes, and schools. Reports have intuitive graphical formats for each sub-skill tested, as well as comparative and longitudinal data for individual students, classes, and schools. Scores for each test are automatically calculated and recorded and are available immediately.

Students read aloud from printed sheets
While the teacher uses an iPad to monitor and record performance
Scores are available immediately on the Reporting Website

What Skills Does it Test?

Alphabetic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness

Phonological Awareness

Vocabulary Knowledge

Reading Fluency

Reading Comprehension

What Standards is it based on?

Mubakkir is based on the Arabic Language Arts Standards developed by Dr. Hanada Taha, Endowed Chair Professor of Arabic Language at Zayed University. The exam is based on scientific research in the field of linguistics and literacy and the design of standardized and adapted examinations. Mubakkir is the first test to measure the development of early reading in children in Arabic.


  • Only 3-5 minutes per session; frequent one-to-one interaction creates running record
  • Easy to use on mobile app for iOS and Android devices, on or offline
  • Scores available immediately
  • Intuitive teacher dashboards for session review, tracking & progress reports
  • Graphical reports include individual diagnostic profiles and longitudinal growth chart​​


Improve Student Outcomes with Formative Assessment and Ongoing Progress Measurement

IDENTIFY risk for reading difficulties

PLAN targeted instructional interventions

MONITOR individual progress in response to interventions

EVALUATE the effectiveness of interventions

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Developed in Collaboration with the Arab Thought Foundation

​ Mubakkir was created by Diglossia in partnership with the  Arab Thought Foundation   to promote early literacy skills in young learners and is part of the foundation’s efforts to improve the teaching and learning of Arabic throughout the Arabic world. The assessment is funded by the  Arabi 21 Project , an Arab culture, education and renaissance driven project that envisions a future where any Arab citizen can acquire some education level throughout their life.